Baby Yogurt

Posted on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

I made this “recipe” up myself.  I use the term recipe lightly, as it’s just a combination of Ryann’s favorites.  She recently started loving yogurt.  I tried the Stonyfield YoToddler yogurt and she loved it.  But at nearly $4 for a 4 pack, it’s not economical.  So I bought a large 2lb tub of the Stonyfield Plain Organic yogurt.  I blended blueberries and bananas and mixed it with some yogurt, poured it into freezer trays and froze overnight.  I also blended peaches and bananas and mixed with yogurt.  I don’t have exact measurements of the fruit or yogurt, I just do the taste and consistency test, if it passes, then it’s good! I can stock up on yogurt for less than $10 and just defrost the cubes when needed.  Perfect snack for Ryann.

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